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Welcome to the homepage of the PS4 adaptive controller

Current status: in beta 🎉 download the instructions, models and parts list at

First things first: What the heck is a PS4 adaptive controller?

The PS4 adaptive controller is a custom PlayStation 4 controller designed to be modular and practical for people with a disability, inspired by the XBOX adaptive controller by Microsoft.

Since Sony does not provide this tool for their game consoles, I took the challenge upon myself to create one.

This controller is also compatible with the ps3, and can be used on PC.

The design is open source and you can read a tutorial on how to make one yourself on the instructions page. There are also guides available to make your own accessories for the controller


The basic design of the ps4 adaptive is as follows:

A standard controller is broken out into 3,5mm audio jack ports. (1 for each button or joystick direction)

The custom buttons and joysticks are also broken out into a audio jacks, so they can be placed freely where needed.

Each button can be plugged in on the controller to suit the needs of the user (except the joysticks).

The buttons are held in place preferably by Velcro (hook&loop) tape.

Buttons are wired between the ‘left’ audio channel and ground for uniformity and compatibility.