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This information might be outdated and will be replaced with a better version soon.

Here are the parts required to build a PS4 adaptive controller and the price I paid for the parts when I wrote this list.

Please use the links provided on this page, as I get a small kickback from these orders and you don’t pay a penny more! You can also check out the banner on top of the page to get a coupon to use with your purchase.

1. A ‘YECKTEGJ’ / TECTINTER brand ps4 controller. 
This one has soldering pads on the  main PCB for connecting buttons. (The original PS4 controllers do NOT have these pads and CAN NOT be used!) 
Price: €13,61 (free shipping) 
2. 20x 3.5″ Stereo jack sockets with nuts. 
Extra sockets needed for accessories (see the accessories page for more info).

Price: €0.89/set of 10 (free shipping) you need to buy at least 2 sets!
3.  3x M3(x8) bolt + nut for closing the box. 
you need a hex bit to screw them in).

Link bolts:
Price: €2.59/set of 100 pieces (free shipping)

Link nuts:
Price: €1.75/set of 50 pieces (free shipping)
4.  3  2,5×12 self tapping screws 
to hold the pcb in the print (hotglue or double sided tape works just as wel)

Price: €5,07 / lot with 100 pieces (free shipping)
5.  Some small wires for soldering

Price: €2,12 / meter (40 wires, each 1m)
Subtotal: €26,98 (original PS4 controller new on amazon: €54.28)

Then there is the 3D printed parts:

These can be downloaded from thingiverse:

  1. The box
  2. The cover plate
  3. The PCB holder

To connect the accessories you need Audio cables. I found some pretty cheap at the local Action shop.

Or you can buy these beauties 1m (€0.61), 2m (€1,02) or 3m (€1,24) as you need them: