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Here are some of the accessories you can make for the ps4 adaptive controller:

There are 3 groups of accessories: Buttons, Joysticks and Vibrators
Within these groups you can interchange the connections as per your preference. However you can not connect an accessory from one group into another group (e.g: you can not plug in a button into a joystick port).

A detailed list of available accessories will be available soon as they are still in development.

These accessories are finished but need to be documented:

  • Simple push button (buttons)
  • 4 buttons slightly raised (buttons)
  • 4-way D-pad (buttons)
  • Arcade style push button (buttons)
  • On-Off-On rocker switch (buttons)
  • Pedal switch (buttons)
  • Simple joystick (no click) (joysticks)
  • Simple vibrator module (vibrator)

These accessories are in development right now:

  • Light button that require less efford to press (buttons)
  • Simple joystick (with click) (buttons + joysticks)

If you have a specific need for a button or joystick, ask it in the forums.